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CATHEDRAL GARDENS - Expressions on garden design, creativity and God’s grace!
Our New Book - Available now. Just printed April of 2011.
For those seeking peace of mind and beauty in which to bathe the senses, to rest for a few hours and reflect upon what truly matters, this is a good place to start; a world of Grace, joy, tranquility and most of all, one fairly brimming with the good news that the Lord loves you. We hope to present our gardens as a mirror reflecting the creativity which is in your mind, that place people seldom probe for its full capabilities. Therein we believe God has a special mission for each of us.

You will find well over 100 images selected primarily from our gardens with a smattering from elsewhere. In each, one may see the presence of God in all the glorious colors and delicate garden features. While His presence can be everywhere at any time, we believe He is particularly fond of garden scenes, especially those devoted to His glorification. Garden design tips are included in hopes they will pique thought for a more gentle world.

Because we greet thousands of people from all over the world; the poor in worldly possessions, the rich, the faithful, and the ‘sort of believe in something’ people, there seems to be universal interest in flowers, colors in general, great music, our paintings and garden design, so all of these topics are included in these pages. Then, too, most guests are enthralled by the many creative aspects within our garden world. For that reason emphasis is directed towards the theme of ‘creativity’ in which we believe everyone has been endowed a measure. Hopefully you will be enticed to discover your personal creative spirit directed towards a better world. A few angels along the way will help.

So there you have it; a picture storybook about God, garden flowers, colors, music, the fine art of painting, creativity, and hope for a better tomorrow, all woven into our tapestry. We hope you will find a measure of wisdom in all this and come away the richer in spirit.

Book authored by David L. Daugherty

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