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Garden Gallery

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 Brownstone Garden
This is populated by graceful miscanthus and serves as an overlook for the Water Garden. View Details
 Chapel Court
This garden serves as a courtyard and pavilion for guest seating or receptions. Up to 50 people may be seated here, and up to 80 people have been accommodated durng receptions. The unusual roof is covered with copper shingles trea... View Details
 China Bay
Our oriental garden has a wooden walk and staircase descending to a pagoda. Chinese sculptures and lilacs, peonies, dianthus and Japanese Maples cover the garden. Wind chimes and bamboo are on the garden perimeter. Sitting at the ... View Details
 Christs Garden
CHRISTS’ GARDEN - One of the largest and most dramatic, this garden features a Jeffersonian dome at the highest elevation with 'wings' of elevated colonnade pedestals surmounted by large flower vases. The dome looks down upon a ... View Details
 Cupid Garden
Anchored by two bronze cupids holding torches aloft, this garden is located at the water’s edge just belong the Greek Garden. Circular in shape, the central theme is one of large number of beddng plants surmounted with a hedge o... View Details
 Four Seasons
This garden is named for the four pieces of statuary around a perfect circle of pavers. Large planter urns contain tropical hibiscus and the circle and walks are lined with bedding plants. This garden looks out on a large bronze f... View Details
 Garden of Elves
This garden is on an 'island' and displays several small elves and fairies among plantings. An herb garden is clustered here featuring medicinal, culinary and aromatic herbs furnished with the complements of Thieneman Greenhoues, ... View Details
 Greek Garden
So named from its focal point, 'Hebe', the Greek goddess of wine. In her favor, all plantings are off-wine colors including large Wiegela {Wine and Roses), dianthus, ageratum, and a violet red rose bed with 'Red Rockets'. Hornbeam... View Details
 Water Garden
Water lilies cover the lake and two large bronze fountain cascade a continual spray to beautify and aerate the lake. View Details
 Rose Garden
The focal point of this garden is a bronze statue of an 18th century couple in courtship. One of our most beautiful trees, a sweet gum, hovers over this garden and a gazebo provides a place for rest. View Details
 Saracens Garden
This 'blue' garden is designed after famous Moorish motifs from the early middle ages. The 'onion' dome is covered with untreated copper to force a bluish green color over time. Its court is lined with brownstone walls and the 40-... View Details
 Venetian Garden
Currently under construction, this garden is almost surrounded by a new lake to produce a ‘canal' effect and occupies four acres. On the perimeter of a large circular plaza there is a Venetian style performing arts pavilion, spe... View Details
View Details
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