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The gardens are extensively populated with tens of thousands of annuals and perennials. Each April and May staff plants over 12,000 annuals from our greenhouses. Other plants are potted in flowering baskets, sleeves and pots for sale to guests at modest prices. These products are lush and healthy owing to continuous daily care in controlled environments.
Angel Trumpet Special
We have large two gallon containers with yellow angel trumpets for $15. These sub-tropical plants can grow to four feet in one season displaying 12 inch trumpets. Take them inside during winter months and keep the pot slightly damp. An eye catcher for your garden.
Hydrangeas Spain

This year we are expanding our availability of 'unusual' plants in hanging baskets, hanging sleeves, and pots. In baskets and sleeves, there is a wide variety of ivy geraniums in white, lavender, pink and rose, Wave petunias, Impatiens and the beautiful Helichrysum. a shimmering whtiish-green leaf with delicate white flowers. In sleeves, we will offer the same with the exception of Helichrysum. However we will have pots with Helichrysum in combination with the stately 'Persian Shield' Strobylanthus, a dark purplish stem in the pot center. All were grown starting in February in our greenhouses to attain a lush fullness by May 1st. Baskets are discount priced at $15 and sleeves, $19. Pots vary depending on size.
In March 2006 we seeded a number of our Hibiscus in the greenhouse and were amazed when they grew to a height of about 3 feet with loads of large flowers by end of summer. We are going to seed more this winter and sell them potted at modest prices to enable guests to have an effective visual presence in their own gardens within the first year. These are hardy varieties in pinks, whtes and reds. Flowers are almost one foot in diameter. Some of our third year field plants exhibited as many as thirty huge flowers daily.
Last autumn we purchased several turn-of-the-century wrought iron vases of unusually large stature... some almost six feet tall. After sand blasting, they have been gilded by hand. In their present state, each has a likely value of about $10,000. Each vase will have distinctive plantings from our greenhouses... some with plantings soaring ten feet in the air and lush spill over. Guests will want to have their photos taken next to these gorgeius giants.
The gardens are adorned with a wide variety of trees. Some are uncommon in this area. Included in our tree population are:
  • Ash
  • Aspen (Poplar variety)
  • Crabapple
  • Dawn Redwood
  • Gingko
  • Hepticodium
  • Honey Locust
  • Japanese Birch
  • Japanese Cherry
  • Japanese Maples of several varieties
  • Maple
  • Pin oak
  • Pine and Spruce
  • River Birch
  • Serviceberry
  • Sweetgum
  • Willow varieties
  • Zelkova (a champagne fluted Chinese Elm)
The gardens are encircled by thousands of naturally growing oak, hickory and walnut. When we must cut trees for new lakes or for removal of deformed or distressed hardwoods, staff uses our band saw mill to saw beams, planks and slim cuts for drying in our solar kiln. These woods are made into garden furniture, crafts and building supplies for garden features. Certain woods can be tailored to guest needs and sold for personal uses at virtually any width, thickness and length up to 18 feet.
Several years past we purchased an entire tree farm stock of spruce for use in the gardens and for sale. These trees, both in blues and greens up to 14 feet in height, are double root pruned and replanted in our fields. Double root pruning means that they have been previously dug with a tree spade and replanted to enjoy a more fibrous root system.
Shrubs and Bamboo
Our shrubs are too numerous to mention. We sell to our over supply of hepticodium, clethra, redtwig dogwood, and several hydrangea varieties. Winter hardy bamboo adorns the oriental garden.
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